Friday 6 July 2007

Exhibit 15: Review of Yukio Yung's (Mostly) Water EP (2001)

Original Sin webzine demands to know why Yukio Yung is "not a household name in today's pop".

The German quality-label Jar Music that recently released the album by The Conspiracy is presenting you this little masterpiece of Yukio Yung, and even if the name is Japanese, this man is born in London and only chooses the name because of an obsession he had for Japan in the 1980s. Honestly said I'm a bit suprised because the quality that's been presented on here and once again dissapointed because this is drove back into the underground circuit but there are so many dishonest things in life that you start wondering why you still should complain it!!!! I'd say Yukio Yung is a sort of singer-songwriter in the tradition of Jeff Buckley but enriched with the modern indiesounds from Pulp or even later stuff by Marc Almond. All I can say is as simple as that: why is this name not a household name in today's pop????

YY: This is/was a French site that for some reason was published in English (presumably after consulation with a French-English dictionary). Jeff Buckley? Marc Almond? I suppose it makes a change from Robyn Hitchcock.


Michael Klos said...

Heff Buckley! Ha Ha Ha! I think this would sounds like a really good Waterboys song. Michael

Yukio Yung said...

Yeah, I can sort of see that it fits into that "This is the Sea" period. There was an unreleased version of "Mostly Water" with a horn section. Quite beefy.

angelo said...

i remember buying this from Not Lame, the title track is one the greatest power pop songs ever released