Sunday 8 July 2007

Exhibit 13: Live at Kaufbeuren (1991)

This was a Chrysanthemums gig at Das Pic, Kaufbeuren, in the South of Germany. The club was run by a splendid chap named Peter. We played there a couple of times and always had fun. At this gig, my friend - and opera buddy - Mike Plummer turned up unexpectedly. He was holidaying in Germany and decided to come to Kaufbeuren for the day. Apparently he spent half the gig at the bar with his hands over his ears, and then rushed out with a pained expression on his face - not a wholly unusual response. It transpired that this was his first "rock" gig and he'd been completely unprepared for anything that loud. To this day he's never been to a similar event. He took this photo before he left.


Michael Klos said...

Kaufbeuren?! And you went more than times? I think this is what you can call the bowels of Germany!

Yukio Yung said...

Actually, we used to really like playing there. What's wrong with Kaufbeuren?