Tuesday 10 July 2007

Exhibit 11: My Tree (2007)

YY: Between 2002 and 2005 I spent the majority of that period living in Caithness, in the north of Scotland. The cottage was a half a mile from the nearest neighbour and at the very end of a five-mile inland strath. Along that road was a tree that I'd always found magically captivating. In 2007, following some pretty sweeping changes to life in general, the cottage was sold. I took this photograph on my very last day in Caithness as a reminder of what was a pretty incredible time. It also makes me sad that a phase of life has ebded. In fact, the time spent in Scotland is already beginning to feel like a bit of a dream. I still the miss the place.

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Louis Bram Burrows said...

I Miss Caithness Too